Monday, February 28, 2011

I'll be your Lover too by Edwardsbloodtype

Bella is helping her best friend Edward cope with his dark and tragic past
 while strugging to hide her true feelings for him.
When a friend comes to visit,
she will force them to recognize their deepest desires

Edward / Bella
All Human
Rated: M
Angst / Romance


  1. THIS is the fic that popped my AH ExB cherry. I can remember it like I finished it yesterday. Fan fiction was such a new concept to me and I found this story & just got sucked right in. Humor, angst, drama, snark, fluff, fuck hot sexin. It set the bar for me as far AHs go. Still does. Not enough people know/appreciate this story. I've re read it 3 times. I absolutely ADORE everything about it. Sufficient enough words CANNOT be said about EBT and the talent she has. This story will stay with me always. Truly. I'll bow out now that I've had my creepy fangirl rant.


  2. Jada try her other one High Anxiety if you have not already... one of my top 3 favs.